Over The Counter Rescue/Control Inhalers

One hundred and fifty years ago, the treatment of bronchial asthma was reduced to bleeding and smoking tobacco in combination with different herbs. Needless to say, such funds did not help.

When treating and preventing bronchial asthma (BA), try not to read information about all kinds of folk remedies, they do not treat asthma, and at best reduce cough. Sometimes following folk recipes can even lead to a worsening of the condition. So, the widespread council to starve as a therapeutic agent can greatly weaken the patient's weak immune system and complicate the treatment of bronchial asthma.

In AD, your doctor can prescribe the use of a nebulizer, which will supplement or replace the treatment with a small portable inhalers. These devices allow the drug (Spiriva or Ventolin eg.) to easily penetrate into the lower respiratory tract, which is especially important for the treatment of young children and the elderly.

Nebulizer therapy is one of the main and most effective ways to treat asthma and COPD. There are medicines (like Symbicort) that can successfully stop asthma attacks and provide a decent life for the patient. The essence of this disease is an inflammatory process, so the action of modern drugs is directed primarily to the removal of inflammation.

Types of inhalers

Steam Inhalers

The effect of steam inhalers is based on the effect of evaporation of the drug substance. In these types of inhalers, only volatile solutions (essential oils) with a boiling point below 100 degrees are allowed.

steam inhaler

Low price category.

Steam Inhalers Cons

Strong restriction on the drugs used for inhalation. The low concentration of the inhaled substance, as a rule, is less than the threshold of therapeutic effect, as well as the inability to accurately dose the drug at home. During heating, part of the active medicinal substances is destroyed. Hot inhalation should not be used at body temperature above 37.5C, especially for Budesonide and Serevent inhalation.

Ultrasound Inhalers

It is advisable to give preference to an ultrasonic inhaler when the zone of the drug is small bronchi, and the medicine has the form of a saline solution. For inhalation, you can also use herbal medicinal herbs, mineral water, essential oils. It is necessary to know that a number of drugs: antibiotics, mucolytic (thinning sputum), hormonal drugs can be destroyed by ultrasound.

ultrasound inhaler

Ultrasonic nebulizers "produce" an aerosol cloud, which consists of microscopic particles of an inhalable solution. They spray the solution due to high-frequency (ultrasonic) vibrations of the membrane. The average size of the aerosol particles is 4-5 μm. The percentage of aerosol that falls directly on the mucosa of the respiratory tract exceeds 90%.

Ultrasound Inhalers Cons

You need to purchase supplies - cups for medicines. Restriction on the drugs used for inhalation.

Compressor Inhalers

Compressor nebulizers can be rightfully called universal. They are the "gold standard" of inhalation therapy and can spray almost all medications.

compressor inhaler

An aerosol cloud is formed with the aid of a compressor creating a sufficiently powerful airflow through a small opening in the chamber containing the treatment solution (Fluticasone or Albuterol for instance). Compressor inhalers can work with a constant aerosol output, be activated by inhalation (from an increase in inspiration speed, the aerosol yield and the percentage of particles smaller than 5 μm increase) or be provided with a valve flow interrupter.

Compressor Inhalers Cons

The large size and weight, the noisy operation of the compressor. The temperature of the solution during inhalation can be reduced by 10 ° C or more, which can increase the viscosity of the solution and reduce the yield of the aerosol.